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Sunniland Assisted Living Facility, the finest small Assisted Living Facility in Sarasota FL, with an extraordinary reputation. Providing physical ease, relaxation and mental comfort; without stress our residents live together in a small family-like surrounding. Sunniland has been providing remarkable service for over 20 years. The small warm family like environment offers residents loving care, compassion, and attention from many family guests and children. The care and love that residents receive is un-matched in any other Assisted Living Home, Independent Living Home or Retirement Home in Sarasota Florida.

This home-like facility sets on a private wooded acre and is surrounded by large oak trees and beautiful blossoming landscape. The porch area sets under large oak trees that provide shade year round for residents who enjoy a relaxing afternoon in rocking chairs. The courtyard includes a garden that provides an excellent opportunity for residents to plant, water, and pick vegetables or just relax and enjoy the fragrant gardenia tree or the multicolored bougainvillea trees. The facility offers both private and semi private rooms.



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Sunniland Assisted Living Facilioty
Residents at Sunniland Assisted Living receive personal assistance, one-on-one individual care and overall lifestyle improvement
Overview of Dementia

Dementia is defined as:
A condition where a person's ability to use his mind is progressively impaired, including loss of intellectual functions such as remembering, thinking, and reasoning; impairment is severe enough to interfere with a person's daily functioning and everyday life.

Dementia affects a residents:
Memory (what a resident remembers)
Judgment (how the resident makes decisions)
Cognition (the resident's ability to learn, process, and understand new information)
Ability to care for one's self
Ability to solve problems (how the resident handles troubling or frustrating situations)

Signs of dementia may include changes in a resident's:
Thinking skills (a resident who is a retired accountant is now unable to balance his checkbook)
Behavior (a formerly outgoing resident has become more shy)
Mood (a formerly happy resident has become distressed and worried)

Sunniland Assisted Living Facility

4234 Sunniland Street, Sarasota, FL 34233

(941) 921-3801